The values ​​of the Rotary Club of Paris

Friendship First

In our complex and fast-changing world, the Rotary Club of Paris creates an atmosphere of genuine friendship and good fellowship

This is one of its two founding pillars. The pleasure of meeting each other in a warm-hearted spirit fosters the accomplishment of the club's goals.

Each candidate for membership is introduced and mentored all the way through the process by two sponsor members, in order to ensure a successful integration.

An International Network

Through Rotary International, a member of the Rotary Club of Paris has a well-founded sense of being :

  • A citizen of the world,
  • An active player in peace making, 
  • A traveler who personifies global friendship,
  • An explorer of local communities who visit clubs around the globe and interacts with other Rotarians.

Many different nationalities enrich the Rotary Club of Paris in several respects.

The Quality Requirement

The Rotary Club of Paris meets on Wednesdays at noon at the Cercle de l'Union Interalliée.

Every week, a renowned speaker gives us the opportunity to learn about a particular topic or delve deeper into a subject, in various areas such as  humanities and social sciences, research, medicine, art, history, and the economy, or to share one of his or her unique experiences.

Several times a year tours of places or exclusive experiences - inaccessible to individual visitors are offered to our members.

Opportunities to "Serve the Society"

Our Club members can thrive, depending on their inclinations, by participating in one of the Club's Commissions, each dedicated to a specific area, while maintaining a benevolent transversality with the others.

These Commissions include the following : Health Action, Social Action, Professional Action, Youth Action and International Action.

Each member is invited to join in a Commission (consisting of approximately fifteen members), allowing him/her to get to know the others members better and to be appreciated contribute to the Club and commit to actions with tangible community and/or international impact.

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